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Every culture has “blindspots” – trends and worldviews that prevent us from seeing life as it really is. What does this reality look like, and who determines it? Does it even exist at all? And if it does, how do I relate to it?

Within all of us, there are presuppositions – assumptions and background beliefs that are taken for granted about truth, life, existence, and meaning – that will affect the way we interact in the world. Our culture is driven by them as they shape our attitudes and interests. They form our behaviors. So, in thinking about the outcomes of our cultural trends and worldviews, here is something to think about...
  • Pre-schoolers are the fastest-growing market for antidepressants. At least four percent of preschoolers -- over a million -- are clinically depressed.

  • The rate of increase of depression among children is an astounding 23%

  • 15% of the population of most developed countries suffers severe depression.

  • 15% of depressed people will commit suicide.

  • Depression will be the second largest killer after heart disease by 2020 -- and studies show depression is a contributory factor to fatal coronary disease.

  • Anxiety disorders affect about 40 million American adults age 18 years and older. That’s about 18% of the population in a given year.

  • Anxiety disorders are the number one mental health problem in America, surpassing even depression in numbers.

  • Medications that treat anxiety and depression, effecting chemical balances in the brain, only work in 30-40% of the population at any given time (meaning that over time more will find medication ineffective)

  • The 2002 National Gang Trends Survey (NGTS) stated that there are more than 24,500 different street gangs in the United States alone. More than 772,500 of the members of these gangs are teens and young adults.

  • The 2002 NGTS also showed that teens and young adults involved in gang activity are 60 times more likely to be killed than the rest of the American population.

  • A 2001 report released by the U.S. Department of Justice claims that 20 out of 1000 women ages 16 to 24 will experience a sexual assault while on a date. And that 68% of all rape victims know their attackers.

  • More than one in four people (28%) say that they worry about how angry they sometimes feel.

  • 64% either strongly agree or agree that people in general are getting angrier.

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